Bible Schools

Reaching the unreached in our generation is the vision God has given to New India Church of God. For this to become a reality, we realized years ago that we would need to send out missionaries to proclaim the Good News of the Gospel. NICOG have established Bible schools to train the missionaries.

Our goal is to instill in each student the vision to take the Gospel to the unreached; provide on-the-job training through ongoing outreach ministry; give them quality instruction in the Word of God; and prepare them for pioneer work, and a life of faith through Jesus.

The two-to-three-year training course is intensive, and priority is given to personal character building and prayer. Each of the teachers has years of experience as pioneers and evangelists, and they regularly accompany the students for outreach ministry.

Student admission requirements:

* must have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ
* must have a call from God to full-time ministry
* must be committed to go to unreached areas
* must be able to read and write in his or her mother tongue or in English

Young People’s Christian Assocation (YPCA)

YPCA is the youth wing of New India Church of God. Young people determine the strength and future of any organization.

History: YPCA started even before NICOG was registered. It was “Kaanom Achan” who named this youth movement as “Young People’s Christian Association” in a meeting at the house of T.K. Scariah, Thymaravumkara. Year after year, new strategies were incorporated to better the work of YPCA. YPCA has become the source of continual support to the ministry of NICOG.
YPCA extends its ministry to meet the social needs of the people of India. A social welfare trust is actively working and is responsible for the philanthropic activities of YPCA. Financial support to educate poor children, distribution of sewing machines for women, construction of houses for the poor – to name a few.
Weekly programs are arranged in every local church. Special camps and seminars are conducted every year.

Sunday School

The growth of the mustard seed was fantastic as it is explained in the parable of Kingdom of Heaven. It became a large tree with so many branches that all the birds in the sky could find shelter in it. The growth of NICOG was not an overnight phenomenon. It was gradual. NICOG’s Sunday school has a vital role in this ministries growth. An effective syllabus for the Sunday school classes were developed in 1986. The first set of Sunday school texts for beginners (1-4 classes) were published in 1986. By 1995, the course material for 10 classes were developed and published. Annual examinations are conducted the prizes are distributed at the anniversary meetings. Seminars and discussions are conducted to bring the light to the Sunday school teachers and to equip them with good teaching methods.

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