Social Justice


NICOG has children’s homes in different States, reaching the children. The children at BLC are orphaned and underprivileged. We have full time staff working in each of the homes, giving them the best of hygiene, nutrition, education and godliness. Our aim is to develop the whole person, focusing on their physical, mental and social growth.


Many of the women in our “Vivianna Life Center (VLC)” had been sent off their homes because of their faith. VLC also take the responsibilities of them in terms of getting them married, or helping them with their future. Our elderly women are given the opportunity to spend the last years of their lives in a family atmosphere with a sense of belonging so that they can promote to a glorious eternity with dignity and in a peaceful atmosphere.


Life is unimaginably hard in the villages of India, where many children live in poverty, malnutrition and disease. Worse still, they lack the opportunity to improve their lives, because there is no education or training in practical skills.

An average village family income is $8 to $15 a month. Many children do not attend school. From a very early age, parents make their children work on the farm or at home instead of sending them to school. All villages do not have government schools, and if there is one the quality of education is very bad. For quality education sometimes children have to walk 3 to 5 miles to go to the nearest school. The dropout rates from schools are very high. Given the motivation and opportunity of going to school, these children could develop vocational skills, which would enable their families to break out of the cycle of poverty forever.


There are so many women who are widowed or abandoned by their husbands. Many of them are left with young children, with no means of providing for their food or education. At Bethesda Tailoring Schools, we teach them a trade, and when they graduate, present them with a sewing machine so that they can make a living on their own and run their families. Many widows and abandoned women have found a new hope for living through this ministry.


This project aims to provide hope and dignity by providing Health, Education & Economic empowerment. Our team provides provides non-formal education along with nutritious meal, medical help, skill training and other kinds of assistance to the addicted and abused on the streets of Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai. Our vision is to empower people to find their purpose, enjoy their rights and live with dignity.


Homes to the Homeless: NICOG has built numerous houses for the poor and needy without a shelter.

Marrying the poor girls: Dowry problem forces many young women to stay at their homes without anyone to marry them. NICOG has helped several girls marry and enter a family life.

Education Funds: Funds are raised through YPCA (Young People’s Christian Association – youth wing of New India Church of God), the youth movement of NICOG. These funds are distributed to the poor and needy children for their school fees and books.

Food & Cloth Distribution: Rice and other food items, along with clothes are distributed during the time of flood and famine in several parts of India.

Rehabilitation Program: This program is in the beginning stages. We are dedicated to the effective treatment of individuals and families afflicted with the disease of alcoholism and other drug addictions in a healing environment where spirituality, recovery and hope are offered.

Clean water Program: In regions affected by drought in north India, critical shortage of clean water claim countless lives through dehydration and water-borne diseases. NICOG has responded to the needs of thirsty communities by providing tube wells, pumps, and fresh water wells. It has provided the local community with the constant supply of clean water. Wells have been dug and pumps installed in various communities.

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